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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Travel Budget You Can Stick To

“Don’t shortchange yourself and settle for being an armchair traveler when affordable travel is a real possibility. We have been reluctant travelers for far too long. The world is waiting for you.” – Elaine Lee

I love planning for travel, but not the travel budgeting part.

Not only I need to arrange the itinerary. I need to plan for lodging, find a suitable time for all travel parties, must-dos in that particular destination. I always look for short cuts to get the work done.

Not everyone is good with numbers

…and most of us don’t know where to start from. Often, I need to fill in an excel form, which is a template, downloaded from the internet and use it as a rough calculation to plan the complete budget for whole travel.

Below are the resources and useful websites I found during my research process, and I want to share with you.

Most of them provide you step-by-step guide in creating and planning budget for your next trip. Please note that these sites do mention about setting budgets for different purposes and location, but this ultimately helps in helping you setting a travel budget to Sabah.

Resources for Creating Travel Budget

HOW TO: Create a Travel Budget You’ll Stick To | Globetrooper.com
Globetrooper Todd, as the author refers himself, discusses about the fundamentals of travel budget. The guide also covers about how to execute and stick to your travel budget, what if you failed to stick to budget, and what factors in differences of travel expenses. You can also find many excellent travel advices in his website, Globetropper.com.

Planning a Travel Budget that Works | almostfearless.com
“The best budget is the one that is simple enough that you can memorize”, according to the author of the website, Christine.  She also shows example of her travel budget and how you can do the same for your own travel budget too. The guide also gives you a step-by-step “homework”where you can refer and plan your own budget accordingly.

How to Create a Simple Vacation Budget | FoXnoMad.com
Anil covers many matters about travel and this guide is only a small part of it. Anil shows many tips and hacks for travel, that mainly involves technology and gadgets. This guide covers how to make a rough travel budget if you have less than 24 hours to travel. Short, but informational (is that a valid word? hmm).

Ten Money-Saving Vacation and Travel Tips | getrichslowly.org
One of the biggest finance website, covers mainly financial matters. Yes, that includes budgeting for your travel. The author, J.D. Roth, is not a travel expert, but he shares his excellent advice on how to plan for a budget travel, which I personally think it’s useful. You can get plenty of tips from the comments too. Incredible resource.

How To Make a Budget and Fantastic Travel Camera Bag | beersandbeans.com
OK I admit this is slightly off-topic. This guide covers about disguising camera bag as a normal bag. It’s not travel-budget topic per se but I think this is an excellent read for travelers who owns a bulky camera. A great read if you own one SLRs camera. “I will never use a bag that looks like a photo bag. Never. Ever” – Bethany, beersandbeans.com

How to Create a Budget for Your Travel in Just 3 Steps | ksyu.wordpress.com
Give general advice about budgeting your travel trip. The author uses her own experience as case study, and breaks down what to expect. She also takes shortcut – aka ASK FRIENDS who had traveled to the destination she’s planning for. She also give great advice on using envelope to keep money aside, acting as a buffer or emergency, “buffer” money.

8 Budget Travel Tips to Make Europe Cheap Again | Metador Network
What? Isn’t this budget travel to Sabah? Why is the guide for Europe? Don’t fret! This guide serves as a “guide” to plan for Sabah travels, you can get many golden nuggets from this article. Many of the travel advices can be applied to any travels, especially traveling at Sabah. Article written by Anna Brones.

Vancouver Travel | About.com
Vancouver Travel is subsidiary website of About.com. The guide gives you overall picture of how to plan a travel budget, but without going into details. It only cover general advice, more like “remind you to plan for extra budget” and “just in case” sort of advice.

How to Create a Travel Budget | Liferemotely.com
“Creating a travel budget before your trip starts is all about getting the most out of your travels while you’re on the road” according to Jared, the author of Liferemotely.com. The extensive guide covers about Understanding your current financial situation, calculating different types of expenses (important!), doing the maths and setting goal. The guide also includes sample travel budget, and also sample spreadsheet. Excellent guide.

What to Consider Before Creating a Travel Budget | Liferemotely.com
Jared writes excellent guides, that is why he is featured in this post twice. This article covers the tools and processes you will use to create and maintain your financial plan towards budgeting for your travel. Another excellent guide, in my opinion.

How to Create a Travel Budget | WikiHow.com
General advice about planning travel budget, which is applicable to trip to the beach, or trip around the world. Includes 9 main tips to do your travel budget planning.

Guide to Creating a Travel Budget | Gapyear.com
This guide gives you a reality check on whether how much you should plan for your next travel budget. “There is no set cost for a round the world trip and there never will be, […] Time to think about things a different way”, according to the author Tom Griffiths. Guide answers question like, Can I afford to travel? How much will I need for a six month round the world trip?

How to Create a Travel Budget for Women Traveling Alone | Womentravelalone.com
Marina, author of the website, gives various advice about women traveling alone (this site cover this particular topic), you might want to explore the whole site to get general advice and experience if you’re traveling alone. Advice mainly applicable to both men and women.

How to Follow a Travel Budget | The Great Family Escape
Advice for travel budget that suits family, and also longer travels. This guide focuses on planning travel trips that caters for long-term travelers, instead of short trip ones. Seems like the author is going to travel forever!

My personal advice

Now you have the required blueprint to plan your trip, what you need to do now is set aside yourself 30 minutes and execute the plan. You need to take action, instead of reading all the articles above and not taking any action.

Pull out a pen or paper, write some numbers!

Another short cut – purchase one way ticket to the destination, then you’ll force yourself to budget the trip immediately because money has been invested.

Do you have other resource that fits in this page? Add in the comment below and I will add more contents to this article.

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