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Best Foods of Kota Kinabalu

Best Foods of Kota Kinabalu

Best Foods of Kota Kinabalu



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tour guide

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Yung Feng Souvenir 11

Gaya Souvenir Centre – Largest and Most Complete Souvenir Shop at Gaya Street

Walking along Gaya street, you can find a lot of local food, mid-scale restaurants, massage parlour, hotels and all sorts old shops that have been in business for many generations. Weird thing is, this street also hosts as the financial hub of Kota Kinabalu, you can easily access majority of the banks here. Due to […]


5 Tips of Dealing With a Sensitive Stomach While Travelling

This is guest post by Laura Kain People who like travelling are usually people who enjoy exploring and discovering new things, including places, cultures, languages and… food. Although I consider food as part of the culture and identity of a country and claim that there is almost no better feeling than eating a great meal, […]


What makes Sabah a Perfect Holiday Destination

Sabah is a prominent state in Malaysia. It is located in the northern portion of Borneo. Borneo is a large island which is divided among the three countries Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. Kota Kinabalu is the capital city of Sabah and is a well known tourist destination. It is popularly referred to as KK in […]

pasar malam

They Only Came Out at Night.. No, We’re Not Talking About Ghost, We’re Merely Suggesting the Night Market! (Kota Kinabalu Pasar Malam)

Greetings, all you nocturnal sapiens, all you day-sleepers and self professed insomniac. As I typed that opening greeting, my head was thinking of writing an article about mysterious places in Sabah, where people had paranormal encounters and eerie, spine-chilling experiences. To be honest, I am not that into this horror, ghost and gore thingy, but […]

ikan at sipadan

What Else Can You Do at Sabah Besides Diving at Sipadan?

   When going to Sabah and you’re the adventurous type, you should definitely try Sabah diving. This is one of the best attraction Sabah has to offer, and is what makes Sabah famous for, for good reason. Aside from the crystal clear waters, they have a rich marine life that includes colorful fishes and corals. […]


Alpine Sports Climbing on Mount Kinabalu: Trek Through Timpohon Trail, Ferrata Route Then Rock-Climb Mount Kinabalu’s Solid Granite Walls

This is a guest post from Nova Renata, also one of contributing author. In this post, she is sharing her personal climbing experience in Mountain Torq’s Alpine Sports Climbing course. For the average Sabah tourist, climbing Mount Kinabalu is usually high on the main priority list. But if you’re up for more adventure to […]

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